Food : My Endearment ❤

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Check out my opinion on Food and why I like it..

What’s your Happiness in this hoax world? For me, It’s definitely Food.
Food..Ahh, The joy of having Food makes me gratified and Why not? Food is something which I can have regardless of the time and place, Be it a prodigious Cafe or a Street side stall.

To all the ones asking me if I am in love, I would say Oh Yes! I am. I am in love with food, deeply naturally. It runs through every veins of my body and in this matter; My stomach too. Everything about food excites me the most, the irresistible smell, the fragnant, the vibrant colours, rich, full of taste the perfect presentation of it makes me ecstatic. And I guess I’m not drooling, you are!

Food is not only about eating, it gives soul to one’s universe, wings to one’s mood, hope to one’s mood. It uplifts the mood of people and helps to co operate with the rest of things. It’s rightly said if your stomach is happy, you are happy.

The satisfying and the sweet desserts which gives chill to our mind, the ever loved Pizza, The cheese pulls we have in sandwiches, Pastas, Burgers and many other dishes, the way different kind of sweets that melt in our mouth, the sweetness and bitterness of different types of aerated drinks, brings us nothing but amazing appetite which touches our soul. And what can be said about Indian Spices, From enhancing the taste of food to curing ailments; spices are everywhere.

Food is always magnanimous, no matter how sad, upset, discomposed or hopeless people are. One can always count on food to cheer a person and bring a radiant smile. Often People rely on tea coffee for their daily gear up doses to boost their working efficiency.

Food is that symbol that drives people together. It brings people closer. There’s a saying based on food that, “Those who eat together, stay connected.” Once people get connected to food, there’s no coming back. It gives you immense delectation.

Food is unlike people. People hurt you, there are expectations one keep from others which results into disappointment and sadness. While there’s only happiness when one’s attached with Food. After some point of time, one gets tired of the same person, while Food is evergreen. You invest in people feelings, give your precious time and eventually they change, While the Food stays the same as it is. Hence, Food doesn’t hurt one, but people do.

The bottomline I would say is that there is no love as pure as food.

Food doesn’t change, It stays; Forever.