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2 years of my life Experience during COVID lockdown


Given the choice between the experience of pain and nothing, I would definitely choose pain as we have something to do rather than nothing.

              So even though I knew that I would definitely face this pain, I selected it because I would definitely succeed in it. Basically I'm not a roaming guy. My home and school,this is my world. I never used to go outside of this world. Like this year passed and It was theCOVID-19 first lockdown came in April and I have completed my 11th class. So, I am about to enter my 12th and I thought that due to this lockdown, all my dreams would go to waste and would be nothing in my life. So like, nearly 4 months completed and the condition of everyone became so hectic as most of the people lost their jobs during COVID 19 and became jobless. All the stores and shops got closed which brought sadness and fear in everyone's life. So in that lockdown, all the people started using the Internet so much that they used to complete their whole day in it. I used to do the same. Even the government said that chances of having exams is less and 12th would be no more this year. If we don't complete the concepts of that single year, life would be miserable as each class we study is the foundation and building blocks of our life. 

              So, I used to surf the internet everyday and used to waste my time, and this surfing brought the foundation of ABHIRAM PRINTS - which was started by me on 16th of August, 2020. My startup is a printing based shop selling customized phone cases and now has expanded to all types of customized products from small things like keychains to big things like photo frames. I did not have a single order for many days and felt so bad that my efforts went in vain. I have created many samples and posters and posted them on social media but they have all gone in vain.

             My first order came from my neighbor's house which was a phone case on 25th of August. That brought me confidence and never looked back whether it was failure or success. Like 3 months passed and it was December and this went all over my college and everyone used to call me a businessman. Some members insulted me but I never looked at them. Even my lecturers used to scold me that I am going in the wrong way but I never gave much time to my startup for nearly 6 months and be on my studies as I know that studies is the most valuable one. 

              Due to more bullying by lecturers at college. I decided to stop it forever and I temporarily closed it for nearly 3 months with no orders and finally my 12th got completed and I again started my startup with new colors into it like adding more into my catalog. I used to see many webpages of many companies and felt that 1 day I would definitely create one and like this, the 2nd wave came and this increased my time to give to my startup. And 1 month passed and I was surfing Instagram and found an advertisement regarding programming which made me attracted towards programming and that day was 26th of May,2021 which I will never forget in my life. I learnt the basics of nearly 5 languages and completed a diploma in HTML, CSS and Python. 

              With this programming knowledge, I created my own webpage named ABHIRAM PRINTS and updated it nearly 3 times and my final website was released on 18th of September, 2021, which was on the occasion of 1st Anniversary of ABHIRAM PRINTS. 

               In this way, with many hurdles my startup is proceeding and I feel that my life experience story would definitely bring you Prerna to be free to your thoughts which can change your life in a good way and inspiring way to others.


Last but not least, I would end my article with a quotation : 

A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead.



Student and Founder of ABHIRAM PRINTS

Rithanya Senthilkumar 2 yrs

This is inspiring! Keep up the great work

puritoshani 2 yrs

beautiful post.. wishing you the very best in your startup journey and let's put ur coding skill to use ;)