Are you the real one as you show yourself online? Online VS Offline Identity.

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We are a Generation who always wants to skip to the good part? Isn’t it?

Embrace the bad and even the worst part as well.
Are you really the same self, you show yourself on Social Media Platforms? Is your Social Media Presence a clear depiction of who you are? Is your life as perfect as it is in Online mode? The answer would be No.

Online life is just the like the filter or the editing tools we choose. We do not portray the real us, but rather post an edited, filtered copy of ours.

Our Generation lives in an Imaginary World, where Social Media is a top priority. We Conceal our true identity so as to fascinate our followers. We choose to manifest what we want just to attract praise.

Screen Addiction, Netflix and Chill, Gramming And tweeting Hashtags, Scrolling feeds, Snapping a whole bunch of friends, Chatting with known/unknown ones are some real life habituations.

The life in reality is totally conflicting then what we post and what we reveal. From being the happiest person on social media to be really depressed soul offline is something we have been often witnessing.

A virtual self finds to talk with an online friend very contented and affable but the same real self finds it very arduous and challenging to talk with a person offline. This seems to very good benefit as people can feel relaxed after having great conversations with people online. Social Media has explored the opportunities to connect with a wider audience.

Be it visiting any places, having achieved something, a reunion or Having delicious food, People’s mind is driven away to post the photos of everything of which I am one of many. It’s the way people have been evolving from enjoying the moments to making photos a mandatory thing.

There is a real FOMO in the minds of people of not having any best photos to post, no new places to visit, Uploading great moments, No good snaps to send. This has become a real problem in lives of many which it shouldn’t be.

So how can we avoid this disparity of our one self? No doubt that the Social Media has been handy and a great tool to connect but it shouldn’t be used just for a showing off lavish moments. We should embrace ourself as we are. Following things should be adopted -:

1) Enjoy and Live the moments, photos can wait.
2) Show your Authentic self, it will attract people more.
3) Snap later, Explore places.
4) Be as you are, No need to change it for being online.
5) Embrace your life yourself.
6) No Need of Comparing one’s Social life with oneself.
7) Socialize, But keep it private.
8) Realise that no one have a Perfect life, however cool are they in their social media platforms.
9) Don’t change your lifestyle, Appearance for media.
10) Be you, Choose you, Be the best version of You, Online Offline.