Reservation : India’s Current Scenario

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Check out my opinion on Reservation and why I don't like it..

Reservation!! This word pinches my heart, and I think it might be same for you. Everyday India comes up with a story of deserving student ending his/her life or being stressed/depressed due to reservation system.

Over the years, Maybe since Independence students are admitted in the top reputed Colleges and universities through Reservation Quota. This raises a question that are the reserved students more important then deserved ones?

Why was Reservation System Introduced?

The core idea of launching the reservation system was to uplift the poor and backward sections of our Country, and to wipe out the illiteracy among them. But as the Nation progressed the reservation system has been proven widely inefficient.

One of the prime concern to Introduce the reservation system was to push the students of Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes and the other backward classes towards education and to uplift the standard of living of the whole community. It was introduced so as to assist them with pertinent education and identical opportunities, consequently that they can elevate their family out of poverty.

What is the current scenario?

Reservation hasn’t served the goals for which the system was introduced. It has always been downgrading the deserved ones. Since long, reservation has taken an ugly turn and haven’t served the purpose it was meant to.

There’s clear disparity among the students who work hard and impeccably to enter their dream schools and colleges. The one with 99.5% doesn’t get the admission letter while the one who has chilled the whole year and possess 60% secures the dream college. There’s huge imbalance among the students who work in a indefectible manner and the ones who have enjoy the ride perks without struggling.

Reservation is the prime reason that India is missing out the students who go abroad and Shine in other countries. It’s the only reason that the deserving Candidates leave Our Nation settle in elsewhere where they rightly deserve to be. This discrepancy between the reserved ones Deserved ones have been proved abysmal.

Reservation system has snatched away the opportunities Dreams of countless people. Not only schools Colleges; Even the jobs have been kept reserved. This clearly exhibit that reserved ones posess the perks of jobs while deserved ones stay unemployed.

To be continued Further..This is it about Reservation Part 1, 2 More to go where I will discuss the same in detail