Who is considered to be history's most brutal king? What did he do?

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History of this world is tainted by blood, wars, genocides and riots. There has been a fair share of cruel monarchs and dictators who had driven their people to misery. Evil ways to kill traitors and their enemies in the most dreadful way possible is what drove the thinking of these leaders. While a person who embarks on the path of victory must give up on something, these rulers had slain thousands of lives in their lifetime. The amount of bloodshed they had been responsible for makes them the most ruthless leaders in the history of this world.

Kings and queens who are responsible for taking thousands of lives might seem fascinating and powerful in fiction but in real life it is not so. The names of these leaders are tainted by their gory past. If we think objectively, we will understand how terrifying they were then. History is full of people who were incompetent and brought pain to their subjects. These rulers are responsible for the part of history that is blackened by countless deaths. Ultimately all people eventually die and these leaders too have faced death in various ways.

Some of the Indian Kings whom I felt as the brutal King in history

Shujha ud din Timur also known as Taimur Lang in India and Tamrlame in West

I may raise some eyes or upset some people in Central Asia where he is considered national hero of many countries but believe me I and most Indians who hate him have reasons just like Persians and Russians

First let's look at his conquest of India and atrocities committed by him and his army on people of this subcontinent


Timur started his expedition from Kabul (Afghanistan) in August 1398 and reached Delhi in December 1398 , On his way he captured and looted whichever town he saw and it was just a hint of holocaust Timur was planning to inflict on India and Indians

He started his holocaust of Indians in Ghaziabad with the order given to soldiers to massacre all 100,000 Indian slaves captured in order to prevent a rebellion , followed by killing of captured slaves , a general massacre of people of Ghaziabad followed with the death estimates ranging from 50,000 to 80,000 in Ghaziabad alone

Timur preparing to annex India

Timur then marched towards Harayana and ordered a plunder and massacre of residents primarily in city of Sirsa , Thousands of residents (primarily non Muslims) who tried to fled the city were chased out by Timur's forces and killed and tortured in most brutal ways possible , In Fatehabad he killed all non muslim civilians and also some muslim civilians , Thousands of Ahirs resisting his attack were massacred in addition to 200 Jats of Tohana and also additional 2000 residents of nearby village with their wives and children taken as captives , Further from there he was joined by more forces from Kabul who then marched to Delhi to carry on the holocaust

Timur after burning a fort in Harayana

The last sultan of Tughluq dynasty Mahmud Shah and his vizir fled Delhi . Timur ordered a general massacre and plunder that lasted 15 days and after putting Delhi into an unimaginable state of despair , death and desolation.

People leaving Delhi after sack of Delhi by Timur

After spending some time in Delhi he started to march back to Kabul , On his way back he destroyed 10 more villages taking 100,000 captured slaves (primarily women and children) back with him in Afghanistan

It is said that Taimur and his army were just plain brutal and barbaric and inflicted unimaginable horror on residents of captured territory primarily if areas were inhabited by non muslims , In India during his massacre of various cities his barabarism was just unmatched , Some kinds of horrors he inflicted on Indians

1.) Timur's soldiers were known to carry out mass rapes in area they conquered and had zero respect for women , In India they treated captured local women like rag dolls , girls as young as 6 or 7 years were raped by 2–3 soldiers of Timur simultaneously and in three way , they were sadists who enjoyed and laughed at bleeding dying raped children and women

2.) Timur wanted to eliminate the kafir Hindu race thus he carried genocide of primarily men , It's said that after his sack of Delhi almost all of families were left without any men or boy in their family

3.) Timur's soldiers killed any infant they saw , They forcibly snatched infants from their parents and putted them on heads of speares thus passing sphere through their whole body however this wasn't only method they also boiled and skinned infants alive

4.) During sack of Delhi Timur ordered that each of his soldier must bring 2 heads of Hindus on their speres , due to lack of Hindu men soldiers also killed some muslim civilians to fulfill the promise.

5.) It is said that after Timur left Delhi entire Delhi's air was filled with pungent odour of rotting dead bodies and sky was filled with scavenger birds like Vulture and Crows and city took almost a decade to recover from Trauma suffered

Timur's army was multi ethnic (primarily composed of Turks , Mongols and Afghans) and was feared throughout the world , large amounts of his campaign led to waste , Scholars estimate that total amount of deaths due to military endeavours of Timur amount to 17 million or 5% of world’s population , He considered himself rightly as heir to Genghis Khan and justified his campaigns through Chinggisd Rights over territories and also referred to himself as ‘Sword of Islam' and use Islamic symbols and Jihad as way to explain his campaign of India which did not came in Chinggisid territory

Babur was a Timurid prince which means a descendant of Timur

Babur's family tree explaing who his ancestors were and how he is descendant of Timur

He was also ancestor of Babur who founded Mughal Empire in India which in turn committed atrocities on India and Indians in subtle way

So it can be said that Timur and his dynasty has most prominent and worst affect on Indian subcontinent

Timur had invoked a mixed legacy throughout world , In Central Asia i.e His home like Kazakhstan , , Kyrgyzstan , Uzbekistan , Turkmenistan , Afghanistan etc he is considered a hero because he bought huge amount of wealth from looted territory

However in looted territories like Arabia , Persia , India (primarily Delhi , Punjab and North Western Uttar Pradesh) , Russia he is considered a barbarian and despised of due to fact that he invoked a whole lot of holocaust there pushing these regions decades back

Since I am from one of the territory he looted , He is a barbarian for me and person whose presence in history was a nightmare

And mind you all this was just in one of his many Holocausts he commited on various populations or ethnic groups including Persia , Russia , Arabia etc

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